It’s a Good Day for a Good Day.

It's always a good day for a good day ... we get to choose how  the day will be :)How many of us, when greeted with a ‘Hi, how are you doing,’ are quick to respond with a forced smile and a short, ‘I’m good,’ or ‘I’m doing well, I’m great, etc.’ Yet internally, our minds are screaming, ‘I am so Overwhelmed!’

There is so much to be done though (or so it seems,) that carving time out of one’s day to time to talk to a stranger on the street or behind you in line at the bank would require too much time and energy. Perhaps it wasn’t on one’s list of Things To Do for the day. That infamous List of Things To-Do presents itself each morning, the moment our feet hit the floor And the clock, counting down the hours ’til days end begins, when set goal must be

The 5 by 5 Rule:   "When you find yourself stressed, ask yourself one question: Will this matter in 5 years from now? If yes, then do something about the situation. If no, then let it go."   - Catherine Pulsifer   #quoteWhen life gets too stressful, as it often can, I often benefit from taking a step back, reflecting on what events, activities, appoints and stress provoking situations are currently on my plate. How many of the items currently producing stress are out of my control? And on the same token, how much of the factors producing stress in my life are self-served?

 Listed are 9 Example Statements Suggestive of Self-Served Stress

“I have an overwhelming, ever growing To-Do List.”Inspirational Life Quotes the People Reducing Stress, Not Causing It
“If I don’t do it myself, than it wont get done right.”
“My kids’ activities eat up all of my spare time.”
“Technology keeps me ‘on call’ all the time.”
“I say ‘yes’ to too much.”
“I’m always running late.”
“My ongoing health problems hold me back.”

“My finances are a train wreck.”

“I’m the go-to person for friend and family drama.”

As we know, managing stress is very important for persons with chronic illnesses, as overwhelming stress is known for making one susceptible to complications. With regards to Epilepsy, high levels of stress is known for decreasing seizure threshold, which can result in increased susceptibility to breakthrough seizures.

Ideas for Decreasing Self-Served Stress. 

Be Blessed Not Stressed Spiritual Motivational Sign Inspirational Quote - 2 Pack Large 12 x 18 SignsSimplify Your To-Do List
Prioritize Tasks
Simplify Your Routines
Live in the Present
Put YOU First
Learn to Single Task
Unplug the Tech Gadgets
Get Away from the Computer
Eat Healthy
Limit the Extra Activities
Learn to Take Things Slow
Set Boundaries
Visualize Calm
Take Mini Breaks Throughout the Day
Eliminate Energy Drains
Avoid Difficult People
Delegate to Others
Quit Work
Be Grateful
Get Adequate Sleep
"Two more holes in my head and I'd be a bowling ball" Brain Surgery Survivor comedy tee!
Rachel Platten – Fight Song (Official Video)

I was once a ‘Come home a 5:00 p.m. get the dinner on the table, get homework done, clean up the living room, wash a load of laundry, get the kids in the bath, 

What Matters Most...Inspiring Quote by Goethe | Friday Favorites at www.andersonandgrant.comread bed time books, and tuck them in bed kind of mom. A husband and wife Epilepsy team, we have seen the effects of the condition make for drastic changes in family routines. We continue to work at limiting self-served stressors as they come about. The priority evening activities have shifted to along the lines of ‘play Pokemon with the kids, paint rocks, and have a peanut butter sandwich tea party. We set a goal of making the rest of our life the best of our life – Peanut Butter sandwiches and all.

Make The Rest Of Your Life, The Best Of Your Life

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