Life is What You Make It


Need to stop sarcasm And then again how one can skip the joy of #SavoringSippingSpritzer'ndSpelunking Could never resist

Does anyone remember the days when it was mandatory we cover our school books? In middle school and high-school both, it seemed as if a large part of the class hour (first day of school) students would all partake in this necessary task- figuring out how the right ways to fold, tape, and fit them just so.

And the covers offered by the school, they wouldn’t hold up long – maybe a few weeks – as they were usually paper thin… The harsh, daily assault from one’s backpack, not to mention  the 4 other books, binders, and spirals, demanded the need for better book covers.

That’s when large brown paper sacks came in really handy! They were heavy duty, and large enough to get the job done! And being a blank slate, you could draw, doodle, and write notes on it to your heart’s content. That’s when I found a creative niche for doodling… Specifically I found myself, sticking to my motto at the time, ‘Life Sucks,’ doodling it all over my book covers. It was awfully pretty, though! I would use different colored pens so that it would stand out really bright. But detail and creativity aside, the message I was saying remained the same, ‘Life Sucks.’

As a teen, when someone would say to me, ‘Its a Beautiful Day Today.’ My response was that of, ‘Ugh! that depends on what you are looking at!’ Taking 2 anticonvulsants, 3 to 4 times a day; and having 2-3 complex partial seizures a week. The impact socially, educationally, neurologically, emotionally, and physically was enough to make anyone agree, ‘Life did Suck!’

www.reachforepilepsy.blogLooking back though, the poor seizure control then had to have been just as bad, if not worse, for my family and friends, (phone calls from the school nurse, late nights of seizing, swimming and bicycle episodes, sibling informants, etc,).

Today’s story plays out much different, thanks to a successful brain surgery, temporal lobectomy, which improved seizure control for a time and led the way for life opportunities, once considered impossible.  Now, although not seizure free, there remains Hope that a cure for Epilepsy is possible, and future seizure control as well. So never give up hope.DIFFICULT ROADS OFTEN LEAD TO BEAUTIFUL DESTINATONS.  If youre in need of a little extra positivity in your life, this printable wall art featuring a well known inspirational quote will be a beautiful reminder of what really matters... while also making the walls of your home look exceptionally pretty! It also makes a perfect last minute gift for anyone who needs a little extra inspiration in their life. inspirational quote, motivational quote, gratitude quote.  PIN NOW TO SAVE FOR LATER





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